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About Me

A native of Longford, Zita McGarry Kelly was formally educated in the Mercy Convent boarding school there, and went on to study Hotel Management in Switzerland.

"...interaction with different cultures and situations have combined to produce memories in abstract.."

A self taught artist, Zita derives artistic inspiration from a past filled with memories of parents loved and lost, of good and bad times and the kindness of those who have helped her through. Abstract expression is a means of giving back.

“The creation of multi-layers attempts to indicate expanses of time while a loose abstract style looks for strong evocative qualities. The works are mainly mixed media using acrylic.
Memories, and the people within them, drive me to paint as if attempting to re-create the past. I work in fits and starts, often late at night or before morning, passionately striving to transfer experiences into art, and I am a better person for it.”

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